Bridging Community Gaps is dedicated to serving communities with support and respect through various resource and assistance programs that serve the resident’s needs.  Over all, BCG believes in the dynamic and interactive process that occurs in the interaction between a person and their environment.  Together we can identify, evaluate, and implement programs that strengthen our environment as individuals and as communities. 




     As parents we are faced with many stressors and challenges such as; How can I ensure my child's schedule is not conflicting with my schedule or work hours?  We want to make sure our children are healthy, active, happy, and safe.  BCG exists to bridge the gap between parent and child schedule conflicts.  We provide youth mentoring, various outings, and transportation for children.  These programs allow parents and children the flexibility to experience opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them.  Our goal is to provide great programs and equal opportunitues to all children. 


BCG believes in supporting and honoring military veterans.  We want to empower them to lead active lives with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Our prayer is to accomplish this by ensuring that veterans and their families have access to benefits available to them and connections with organizations that are able to assist in covering all of their needs.